What can healthcare teams learn from Amazon? How to run an effective meeting.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos starts his meetings with a 6-page memo from the meeting leader to all attendees, plus 30 minutes of forced study hall. Put these together and you have a productive and effective meeting.

Why write a six-page memo?

Writing forces people to think deeper and to articulate their points thoughtfully and succinctly. In addition, there is baseline information which frames the dialogue/discussion in the meeting.

What are the benefits?

The logic to 30 minutes study hall is that it forces people to read. Outside of forced study hall, people do not have time to read memos. Allotting 30 minutes to study allows meeting attendees to concentrate and read without interruptions. Naturally people will gravitate to the item that interests them first and with time to spare will read the pages before and after, thus reading the rest of the memo. Furthermore, if a person has a question on page 3 you may find the question answered on page 5.

Other methods such as PowerPoint is a tool for the presenter, and according to Bezos, “you get very little information from bullet points.” Furthermore, a presenter is bound to be interrupted.

What can home care and hospice learn from Amazon?

Healthcare is not Amazon, however, the Amazon methodology teaches healthcare teams to:

  • Run effective meetings
  • Obtain maximum attention and retention
  • Achieve productive outcomes